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Twin Flames

twin flamesThis topic can be touchy with some, but I believe it’s a topic worth covering.  Twin Flames, your other half, someone who is the same person, but yet the complete opposite, someone who compliments your weakness, but who who also compliment, simply by being who you are.  I can personally tell you that Twin Flames exist and are very much real and every single Soul has a Twin Flame.  The problem is that on Earth (a 3D Planet) you are normally never incarnated at the same time because normally one stays back as moral support and becomes your “Guardian Angel”.  However, given the current situation happening on Earth, many Starseed’s (or what I like to call Volunteer Souls) came here with their Twin Flames so that when the all reunited around this time together they could help the World and all the Inhabiting Souls Ascend!  

As I’m sure all of you have noticed, since around 2010 many relationships have failed, including many marriages, some of which have been together for years.  It’s not happing on accident, in fact I believe it’s happening because once we Ascend, everyone will have access to their Twin Flame!  So when you look at it that way, if you are currently single and do not reunite with your Twin Flame before the Ascension, have no fear, because your Twin Flame is waiting for you on the Other Side hoping you make it through the Ascension Process!  

Everyone’s story for being here on earth is different.  The reason I’m here is different even from the reason my Twin Flame is here, we are all here because we needed to learn something, so while this topic can be depressing for some to think about, just know that once we Ascend (sometime within the next 2 years) you will be reunited anyway, so why not give yourself something to look forward to, 2 Years isn’t very long, plus we all know how much time is speeding up anyways, 2 years is like a blink of a eye now!

In Lak’ech



Twin Flames

Twin Flames are two halves of a single unit. We all have a Twin Flame.

God created us with the purpose that we would move away from the point of creation, to learn and grow and evolve into our divinity, returning to our point of origin as perfected Beings. At this initial point of creation each single consciousness (Monad) contains the seeds of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, Alpha and Omega, Yin and Yang, opposite poles of the one reality. At the initial descent into third dimensional reality these two aspects of the one were divided and the Twin Flames were created. One the Alpha flame the other the Omega flame. Both Flames incarnate to lead separated lives, always aware, on some level, of a loss of an aspect of themselves.

Twin Flames do not normally incarnate together, except for a higher purpose. At this time, many evolved Twin Flames are incarnating to assist in the raising of consciousness of humanity. Usually when one Flame incarnates the other is out of form, preferring to energetically support their incarnating twin.

When Twin flames do incarnate together the coming together is often chaotic and stressful, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Their relationship is very intense. The romantic loving version we all think of is really for Twin Souls. Twin Flames come together as two mirrors. They are there to reflect back each other’s imperfections, for the ultimate goal of the Twin Flames is total union once more. To achieve this, total balance is needed by both of them on all levels. It is found that those areas, in which they both have harmony, are the areas they no longer need to work on.

Twin flames also have many differences, these may be age, sex (same sex is possible), geographic locations, morals, beliefs, race, income brackets. They incarnate specifically to be the facilitator of the others growth and ascension. And yet the bond is such that being together is like coming home. The attraction is strong on every level, and spiritually they know they are one. This knowingness helps them over many of the hurdles, mostly created by pre-conditioning, beliefs and personality.

As the Twins become more into balance and their service here on the planet becomes more into their awareness they spiritually grow at a faster rate than when they were apart. They find their spiritual gifts are fine tuned. Each often possessing a gift the other does not. They are sensitive to each other’s energy flows and stresses. Being apart is like functioning at a reduced level. Together, they become balanced and more of who they are, just by being in each other’s energy.

When Twin Flames reunite in physical form an awakening occurs of a very special kind – an awakening that can only occur when Twin Flames energetically connect in the 3rd dimension. The flame of the alpha twin and the flame of the omega twin are ignited. Until this re-union, the flame has laid dormant. From this ignition comes a coil of gold light up their spine, some may call it a serpent. In reality it is the awakening of the oneness they once shared and is their Christ Lights / Monads / I am presence, awakened in recognition. As they grow closer in their connection on all levels these coils entwine to form a caduceus – a union of the two Christ Lights, the two flames becoming one. As they come more into balance with each other the caduceus coils meld more and more into one another until there is no visible differentiation between them. They have transmuted all the imbalances that kept them apart, and have stepped onto the path of the Alpha and Omega, the journey home as a two parts of the one whole reunited in service.

The re-union of the flames creates the deepest of connections for these two people.

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